Newscast October 13, 2022

In the speech in front of the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, Saudi Arabia reaffirms support for the autonomy plan and the kingdom’s territorial integrity.

143: Newscast May 26, 2023

Papua New Guinea Affirms Renewed Support for Autonomy Scheme as "Solid Foundation" for Lasting Solution

141: Newscast May 24, 2023

Brazilian Federal Deputy Tiao Medeiros Affirms Consistency of Brazil's Support for Autonomy Proposal in Moroccan Sahara with Security Council Resolutions

140: Newscast May 23, 2023

Cape Verde Reaffirms Support for Morocco's Territorial Integrity and Autonomy Plan as Sole Solution to Sahara Issue

139: Newscast May 22, 2023

Ukraine Backs Autonomy Plan as 'Serious and Credible' Basis for 'Successful' Sahara Issue Resolution

138: Newscast May 18, 2023

Boosting Morocco's Investment Attractiveness: Reviewing Priority Projects under New Investment Charter, El Jazouli Affirms